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Tribute to Life-Sustaining Water

Ua Kanilehua Gold Filled Earrings.  These earrings pay tribute to what is truly waiwai (valuable) in this life...water.  The red lauhala expresses the meaning of the Ua Kanilehua, a rain famous in Hilo that falls on the lehua blossoms.  The blue pays tribute to water itself, which is the most invaluable resource.

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Timeless Tradition

The art of lauhala weaving is a timeless tradition passed down from Hawaiian ancestors.  According to a master weaver, every Hawaiian family had a weaver.  Whether it was to produce mats, pillows, baskets, hats, sails for the canoe, etc., weaving was critical to the ancient Hawaiian lifestyle.  Weaving lauhala, made modern, includes jewelry unique to island people.  

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